Digital transition of catch monitoring in European fisheries


EVERYFISH will develop, test, and promote a suite of innovative technological solutions for fully automated catch recording and reporting for use on board European fishing vessels, and develop innovative governance strategies that make use of the automatically reported catch data.

You can read more about the full scope of the project at everyfish.eu

Continue reading to find out about Anchor Lab's involvments and contributions to the project.


Annual meeting in Bilbao

The first Annual Meeting in the EVERYFISH project took place in beautiful Bilbao, Spain. The meeting was hosted by local partner AZTI. Representatives from all partners attended to catch up on the work done in the project so far.

Anchor Lab presented their progress in regards to integrating AI models developed as part of the CatchMonitor and CatchWatch product development. The fish segmentation model, developed by the University of East Anglia, has been integrated into Anchor Lab’s AI Assisted Annotation Tool, to aid the progress of annotating images required for the development of the CatchMonitor and CatchWatch products.

The AI Assisted Annotation Tool is already being used by Cefas as part of the Everyfish project. While at the annual meeting both DTU Aqua and Wageningen Research expressed an interest in also using the annotation tool within their tasks.


AI Assisted Annotation Tool

As part of the EveryFish project, Anchor Lab introduced a new module in their Black Box Analyzer software - the AI-assisted annotation tool. The development of AI models demands a substantial number of annotated and labeled images. However, the manual process of annotating fish within images - drawing outlines and identifying each fish - is slow and tedious. The AI-assisted annotation tool aims to streamline this process.

An alpha version of the AI Assisted Annotation tool was initially released to select Everyfish partners in late October 2023 for testing and user feedback, while developing the core functionality of the tool continued. A beta version of the tool was released in January 2024, with a full release (incorporating the fish segmentation model developed by Everyfish partner the University of East Anglia) was released as part of the Black Box Analyzer version 5.0 in late Feburary 2024.

Additional detail regarding the AI assisted Annotation tool can be found within the Black Box Analyzer section of our website. As well as in the news article on the Everyfish website.


Promoting Everyfish at IFOMC

Anchor Lab proudly sponsored the 10th International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference (IFOMC) in Hobart.

We incorporated Everyfish promotional material into our stall at IFOMC Hobart. We promoted the overal goals of the Everyfish project, as well as how the individual components of the project (CatchMonitor, CatchWatch and CatchSnapCommercial) Anchor Lab is involved in would be integrated into our products in the future.


EveryFish kicks-off

EveryFish will develop, test, and promote a suite of innovative technological solutions for fully automated catch recording and reporting. The technological innovations will enable the sector to ensure correct reporting of the catch size, weight, and species composition.

The EveryFish incorporates 17 project partners, including Anchor Lab, and will exploit extensive expertise within these partners in the fields of:

  • machine vision technology
  • camera technology
  • machine learning methods
  • artificial intelligence
  • blockchain technology
  • big data analysis

The EveryFish project kicked off in Trondheim on the 1st & 2nd February 2023.