Welcome to Anchor Lab – a software and hardware company that's passionate about using technology to make a positive impact. We specialize in developing remote electronic monitoring solutions for fisheries, helping make fishing more sustainable and efficient, while also reducing the impact on the environment.

Founded in 2012, we started as a small team of software engineers who saw an opportunity to create specialized software solutions for scientists. Over the years, our ideas and opportunities have evolved, and we've grown into a company that's proud to have developed remote electronic monitoring solutions that have become a leading force in the fishing industry.

Our headquarters is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, where we're constantly inspired by the energy and innovation of this vibrant city. We're an independent team that provides professional solutions for both private and public sector clients, specializing in remote electronic monitoring solutions for fisheries.

At Anchor Lab, we have developed close collaborations with multiple agencies and organisations within the fisheries sector. Among them are research institutes, regulatory control authorities, and producer organisations. These tight partnerships have helped us in the development and deployment of our remote electronic monitoring solutions across a number of global fisheries.

In recent years, we've also developed multiple machine learning and AI solutions for the fishing industry. These solutions have been designed to help make fishing more sustainable and efficient, while also reducing the impact on the environment.

At Anchor Lab, we're committed to providing a personalized and professional service that helps you achieve your goals. Our services include custom application design and development, infrastructure development and analysis, enterprise project management, mobile solutions, and Microsoft .NET technologies.

Thank you for considering Anchor Lab – we're excited to partner with you and make your fishing operations more sustainable and efficient.