Mofi - Data safety and deletion

Data safety

Personal data

With the use of Mofi, personal data is collected, processed (this means stored, modified, transmitted, deleted) and used. This includes user name, vessel name, vessel port letter number, vessel CFR number (EU identifier), vessel country, e-mail address, user id, and additional information required by the schemes/projects you have chosen to register data under.

Your personal information and any transferred data to Anchor Lab or project owners are by default kept as long as you are an active user of Mofi. When you close your account, Anchor Lab deletes or anonymizes your personal information and the data that project owners no longer have a business reason to retain. If you never close or delete your account, Anchor Lab or project owners retain your personal information and your data for up to 5 years after your last interaction with us.

Please read Mofi's privacy policy to get more information about Mofi's handling of personal information.

Data deletion

To delete your account or any data stored at Anchor Lab or at project owners, please send an e-mail to info@anchorlab.net or use the "Contact us" button below. Please state your user name/e-mail address and the data you wish to have deleted.

The following data can be requested deleted:

  • Your Mofi account including the details you signed up with. This would for example include your name, e-mail address, and user id.
  • Your stored data for a specific project. If you have transmitted data to Anchor Lab or a project owner while using Mofi, you can request to have that data deleted. Read the privacy policy of the scheme/project within Mofi to get an overview over what data is transferred and stored.