Version 1.0 of VIND has been released

A new major release of VIND is out and ínclude many new exciting features:

  • Retrieve live weather updates directly from within the application from 3 different providers (YR.no, DMI, and FCOO).
  • VIND can now communicate with NaturErhvervstyrelsens eLog application if VIND and eLog run on computers on the same network. This opens up for possibilities of querying catch information and recording vessel position in real-time.
  • Legends have been added to all layers visualizing amount and magnitudes in colors.
  • Several new layers have been added including a new dredge survey layer and weather layers from YR.
  • The currents layer now include a contour plot and the wind layer got new colors.
  • Several HUD indicators have been added such as map border degrees, map scale (in km and nmi), and lunar phases.
  • A vertical toolbar has been added enabling users to enable/disable different indicators and activate various map tools.
  • A measuring ruler has been added for easy map distance measuring.