BlackBox VX Firmware 3.4.42 released

We have just released version 3.4.42 of the BlackBox VX firmware that brings geofencing and motion detection to the table. The update will be downloaded and installed by the systems automatically, most likely when they are in harbour next. The main features included in the release are:

  • Implementation of new Geo Fencing functionality
  • This new geofencing implementation enables systems to be configured to record, or not record, when a vessel enters a specified area. This could enable the systems to be configured to only record in certain areas, such as a specific EEZ, ICES area, MPA, etc. It also enables notification to be raised upon entering or leaving certain areas, which could be useful to aid the risk assessment of a particular trip and whether additional review of that trip may be necessary.
  • Camera as a sensor - motion detection.
  • The ability to use cameras as a sensor to detect motion within the camera's view, or a specific region of interest within the camera's view, has been added to the BlackBox VX firmware. The motion detection outputs values in a similar manner to other sensors. The display of the collected motion detection data has been integrated into the BlackBox Analyzer as part of the graph. The collected motion detection data can be exported as with other types of data.
  • Implementation of new live pings
  • A new live ping feature has been added to the BlackBox VX firmware. Initially it will run alongside the existing live ping feature, but once the new version has been fully integrated into the BlackBox Analyzer the old version of the feature will be removed. The new live ping feature enables further information to be sent along with the latest position of the system. The new live ping feature will also enable additional features (currently in development), such as email notifications of a vessel returning to harbour, as well as additional functionality to be added to the Live Map feature of the BlackBox Analyzer.