Estonian Environmental Board EM pilot project

AnchorLab – We are proud of being partners with Workboats Consulting involved in the fishing vessel video surveillance (CCTV) pilot project, which enables Estonian Environmental Board to monitor fishing-related activities with our specialized software. Our Black Box Video system has been successfully installed on three Estonian fishing vessels and it complies with all requirements. It is also verified by conventional monitoring methods and it shows our system is playing an important role when individual quotas are implemented.

After the initial trial process, the conclusion from Olav Avarsalu Deputy Director General of the Environment Agency, as our Black Box system is supporting and significantly strengthening control and facilitating the detection of possible violations. It also provides them with the ability to gather information about the potential, efficiency, reliability and necessity of monitoring with cameras. In the future, they are considering applying the use of remote monitoring in addition to check compliance also in long-distance fishing in more areas.

You can read more about this pilot project from Workboats Consulting website (in English) or directly from the Estonian Environmental Board’s press release: here (in Estonian).